Guidelines and Ethics

Without being a nagging website manager...this is our way of saying "Please play nice and follow some simple guidelines."  We want to keep the site positive, light with a good sense of humor and fun for all.  Planning your trip is exciting and a vacation is fun and relaxing so let's keep that same feel here at Trip All Over.

  • Keep your login information private.   You are responsible for information entered in your account. 
  • Provide good customer service.  Reply to all calls and emails in a timely manner.
  • Be open and honest in the details of your trip postings.  If the cost is varied based on number in the group, say so.  Be clear about what is included in your travel package either through adding a .pdf document or directing travelers to a social media site or webpage with additional information.
  • Don't post the exact same trip more than once.  We have built in functions that allow you to identify trips as having multiple travel dates during the year.
  • Be positive when making comments and reviews.  If you feel the need to criticize, please do it constructively or better yet make direct contact and keep it off-line.  Maybe it was just a miscommunication.
  • We can't say this enough, respect copyright laws.  Only post photos and videos that are yours to post.  For more information on Federal copyright laws visit
  • Travel Safe.  Trip All Over is a place for Travelers to meet up with Trip Providers.  We do not take any reservations or get involved in any transactions between travelers and trip providers in any way.  Always use standard safety practices and common sense when planning and traveling.  The internet has many reputable sites that offer travel safety tips.  If you have any concerns, please research them on line.

Lastly, at least until we think of more, if you have any problems with a user, posting or the site in general, please Contact Us and let us know.  It's not our intent to micro-manage everything entered, but we do want this to be a trusted place you can post, advertise and look for great trips.  Thanks for helping us accomplish that.

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