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Trip Creators (Travel Agents, Lodges, B&B's, Location Destination providers & individuals with travel packages to share)
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Registering - Trip Creator or Agency Administrator

1. What's the difference between registering as a Trip Creator and Agency Administrator?

Quick and simple answer is the Trip Creator is intended for one person to enter and maintain trips, while the Agency Administrator is intended for multiple people from one company to each enter and maintain their own trips under one subscription.

An example of Agency Administrator is a Travel Agency that has several agents where each agent is responsible for their own trips.  Each agent can have their own profile page with contact information, post their own trips, keep them updated and receive emails and calls directly from clients.

Also Note:  The Trip Creator can select the FREE Basic Post Plan and Subscription options.  Agency Administrator can only select the Subscription options, the free Basic Post Plan is not available to registered AA accounts.

2. I completed the Registration, but I can't log in?

Once you complete the Registration page with your information and click the Register button, Trip All Over sends you an automatic message to verify your email address.  Make sure to check your spam and junk mail folder in case the message was filtered out.  That email will contain a link to verify your email address and take you to the page where you can log into the system.

Make sure to add Trip All Over.com to your contact list or safe email list so you get notifications about your account.  If you can not find the automatic email, contact us and we will verify your account for you.

3. How do I create an Agency Administrator account with multiple agents?

- Lead person registers as an Agency Administrator, receive the verification email sent to you and log into your account. 
- From your profile page select "Pay & Manage" and select a subscription to meet your needs.
- From your profile page select "Manage Agents" and add/invite as many agents as your account is authorized.
- As the lead person you will be responsible for assigning how many "active" trips each agent can enter, including assigning trips to yourself.  Each agent can enter as many trips as they want, but they are limited to the number of "active" trips they can have showing on the Find Trips page based on the number you assigned them.
- Each agent will receive an automatic email inviting them to register under your account.  They will follow the same registration process, but they will not have access to the "Pay & Manage" page or the "Manage Agent" page.  That function is only provided to the Lead AA.



Plan Options and Changing Plans

1. What are my plan options?

There is a full description of all plans (both free & paid subscriptions) and costs on the Payment Options page.  There's pretty color boxes and eveything.

2. What happens when I upgrade my subscription?

If you use the BPP (Basic-Post-Plan) method, those BPP trips you have paid for will remain separate from your new plan subscription trip totals.  For example:  if you have 2 BPP trips and you upgrade to the Active 12 subscription, you will actually have 14 active trips:  the 2 BPP trips and the 12 active trips allowed by the Active 12 subscription.

If you upgrade from one subscription plan to a higher plan, your original plan will be cancelled on the date you choose your new plan (regardless of the expiration date) and you will be charged the listed rate of the plan you choose when you go through the payment process.  Once you do that your account will be authorized for additional active trips based on the plan you selected.

3. What happens when I downgrade my subscription?

If you have a significant amount of time left on your subscription plan we recommend you cancel your subscription (see 4. below) and wait until you are close to your expiration date before selecting another plan.  Refunds are not available for unused time.

Downgrading your Plan - When you select a downgraded plan, your original plan will be cancelled the date you choose your new plan (regardless of the expiration date) and you will be charged the listed rate of the plan you choose when you go through the payment process.  You may need to reactivate trips from your profile page based on the allowed active trips for the new plan you selected.

Downgrading to BPP - Be aware that BPP users can only have a total of 6 trips (active or inactive) so you may need to delete some from your account before selecting the BPP plan. 
1) Cancel your current subscription (see 4. below) 
2) Once your subscription expires, go to your profile page and verify the number of trips entered does not exceed 6.
3) Go to your Pay & Manage Account and follow the instructions for BPP option.

4. What happens when I cancel my subscription?

Subscribers can cancel their subscription plan by selecting the Cancel button on your Pay & Manage Account page.  This will cancel all future automatic payments.  However, your account is still active and usable until the expiration date of your subscription.  Once your account expires your trips will automatically become inactive, your profile will no longer be viewable to other users and if you are a Travel Agent you will no longer be referred to Travelers.  You can reactivate your account by going into Pay & Manage Account and selecting reactivate or a new subscription plan.

Ask For It

1. What is Ask For It?

For Travelers - Ask For it is a function that you can use to send a specific travel request to 1 or more Travel Agents.  If you don't find the exact trip to fit your needs on the Find Trips page, click the Ask For It button and provide your wishes for someone to contact you.

For Trip Providers - It's a referral service.  If you are a Trip All Over registered subscriber and travel agent you may receive requests from Trip All Over travelers asking you to design their dream vacation.

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