Benefits of Tripping with Us

The Traveler …

Today is your day to dream –sit back, relax, stare out the window and picture yourself  [ insert your personal dream here ].  You are the one that can’t wait to go, go, go.  You don’t have time to hit up hundreds of sites then try and remember which one had the best “deal.”  You’re mantra is:  “Show me a great trip, with things I like to do, at a price that’s within my budget and I’m there.”

You are the Traveler!

This site was created with you in mind…because yes, I'm a traveler too.

  • For you … this site is completely Free.  That’s zip, zero, nada, no money required.
  • You don’t have to register or login, enter a bunch of personal information that isn’t anyone’s business, jump through a hoop of fire or stand on your head.  Although you may want to later...login, that is - I wouldn’t suggest the hoop of fire.
  • The filter engine on this baby hums like your favorite muscle car.  (Am I showing my age?)  I can’t even begin to list all the choices.  You’ll just have to see for yourself.  Find Trips
  • Compare trips from multiple providers all in one place.
  • No advertisements will pop-up over the top of the trips your looking at and then when you try to close the window, take you to another page.  I just hate that…don’t you?
  • When you find a Trip that makes your Ch’i radiate, contact the agent, lodge or individual directly for the answers you seek.

Now, if you were to take a minute to register and login (time based on your typing/texting skills of course) there are bonus functions I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

  • Save trips that interest you.
  • Share trips with travel buddies.
  • Review and comment on posted trips you’ve been on.  (Please play nice.  See Ethics & Guidelines)
  • Can’t find the exact trip you’re looking for?  Ask For It.  A referral option that gives you the name of up to three agents that will be happy to design your dream vacation.

We’re working on more great functions but the guys in the suits won’t let me talk about them just yet.  If you have a suggestion for future updates, we would love to hear them.  After all, this site is all about you!  Contact Us.

The Trip Creator …

Definition – Any Travel Agency/Agent, Lodge, Ranch, Cruise Line, Charter, B&B, Adventure Provider, Individual TC or other Vacation Destination provider that I forgot to list.  Basically, do you have a vacation idea that you think others will like?  Then you’re a TC.

You are the maker of dreams – the one who provides the perfect place/itinerary or who can’t wait to find the best time to travel and a way to get THERE!  Searching for the perfect place for your client to stay makes your heart race.  And by the time you start researching the activities you’re practically bouncing off your chair, calling your besties and maybe even packing your bags to go “check it out for yourself” of course. 

You are the Trip Creator!

I mean, after all, it is our job to make sure the accommodations meet our standards, right?  Oops, gave that away.  Yes, I’m a Trip Creator too.  So this site was designed with your needs in mind as well.

  • This is a “user” populated site.  You get to post your own trips with itineraries, photos, video, social media, website links and provide your direct contact information.
  • Whether you are a large company that has hundreds of packages or an individual with just a handful of trips to fill, everyone gets the same chance to be seen. 
  • This site was created so agents, lodges, vacation destinations and individuals alike can have a place where travelers from all over the world can find you…in one place.
  • You can edit your trips, make them inactive and reactivate them later on your schedule without having to re-enter the same information over and over again.
  • Travelers can review and make comments about their experiences traveling with you.  And you can reply and manage those reviews.
  • If you’re a Travel Agent you can be added to our “referral list.”  Travelers that can’t find exactly what they are looking for can “Ask For It” which provides them with a list of qualified agents to contact.
  • The "Basic Post Plan" is FREE for "Trip Creators."  Or you can choose a different plan that fits your needs.  Most trip posting options and subscriptions have promotion codes for Free or Discount options during our launch period.  See Payment Options for more information.  
  • You also have the opportunity for additional free advertising banners or photos that link to your posting during start-up.  See Advertise with Us for more information about qualifications and size specifications.
  • And finally, you want to be where Travelers are looking.  Because we have designed this site clean, fun and simple to use Travelers will want to be here.  Will You?