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Below are the specifications and recommendations for advertisements and photos on the Trip All Over site.

Advertising (requirements)

  • *Side Banner Ads:  160 wide x 600 High, 72 dpi (resolution)
  • Home page Header Photo:  1600 wide x 536 high, 72 dpi (resolution)

*If you would like Trip All Over's graphic professionals to design and create your ad, please email for a price quote.

Registered users qualified to submit a Side Banner Ad or Header Photo.  Email the following to

  • Ad or Photo (following guidelines above)
  • Registered name and email on Trip All Over site
  • Phone number
  • URL that you would like your Ad/Photo linked to

User Photos & Video (recommendations)

  • Profile Photo - 225 x 225, 72 dpi (larger photos will compress & crop when loaded.  Photos 2MB or smaller will load quicker)
  • Trip Photos (on Post a Trip Form, 2MB max each) - although photos of almost any size will load, we have found photos around 400 high/wide or larger through 1200/1300 high/wide work best.  Resolution 72 dpi.
  • Trip Video - to attach videos to your trip you must load them to a video site like vimeo or Youtube and enter the embed code on the Post a Trip page.

Copyright - All photos and videos posted on this site must be your own work.  Anyone not complying with copyright laws are subject to having their trips and/or account put on hold until the issue has been corrected.  For more information on Federal copyright laws visit