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Fall Around the World

Feeling a little "festive" and itchin' to travel?  Check out some of these great fall adventures!

Lisdoonvarna, Ireland – Matchmaking Festival – August - September
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico – La Calaca – November
Berlin, Germany – Fall_Events – September - December
India - Diwali Festival of lights – November
Alba, Italy – White Truffle Festival – October – November
Lopburi, Thailand – Monkey Buffet Festival – November
Nurnberger, Germany – Christkindlesmarkt – November-December

Before planning any trip around a festival, make sure to verify the dates and check with a local tourist information office.

TAO Trivia: Why did the Rhino ...?

While male Rhinoceros can be very aggressive defending their territory, this rhino just didn’t see the tree.  How embarrassing for him.  Rhinos are notorious for their bad eyesight. In fact they are farsighted, meaning they can see objects and animals further away better than up close.  Typically, unless the object is moving, a rhino will show very little interest at all.  So if you should encounter a rhino while out on your daily walks, at about 100ft (30m) you are virtually undetectable if you stand still.  However, this is not a suggestion for you to try it intentionally.  A rhino’s eyes are protected by peripheral corneal pigmentation, which is basically an internal pair of anti-glare lenses.  This protects them from the sun and assists them with their vision.

Despite their lack of 20/20 vision, the rhino compensates with an excellent sense of hearing and smell.  Its ears are cone-shaped and can rotate to catch sounds from front, side and rear.  Their keen sense of smell helps the rhino detect something that it may not see or hear.

Stay tuned, more TAO Trivia to come.
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